When March 15, 2023 at 11:00am 4 hrs
Where Phone Calls Washington, DC, United States
Contact #StopWillow

President Biden just approved Willow -- the massive oil drilling project in the western Arctic. By greenlighting this major fossil fuel expansion, Biden is betraying his climate and environmental promises and defying a massive show of resistance led by those who will be most impacted.

Call the President right now and let him know you’re OUTRAGED by this decision.  Dial (202) 456-1111 for the White House comment line (open Tues-Thurs, 11am - 3pm Eastern).

The Willow project is a climate bomb – 26 million metric tons of carbon pollution over 30 years - at a time when we need to be starting to phase out fossil fuels. It’s a total betrayal of Biden’s climate and environmental justice promises.

Millions of activists like you – and especially young people – from all over Turtle Island called and wrote in demanding that the president #StopWillow. This move from the president shows that he takes our support for granted. We need to prove to him that our climate, our futures, our communities, and our wildlife matter to us and that we’re not going


Can you take two minutes to call the White House comment line and express your outrage over this decision? You can use the script below: "Hi, my name is ___. I’m outraged that President Biden approved the Willow Master Development Project, a disaster for our climate and the Arctic. Millions of people called and wrote in telling Biden to STOP WILLOW. At this point in the climate emergency, any new fossil fuel project will drive us further into assured climate destruction. The president has the power to withdraw this decision, and reject Willow and all fossil fuel projects. He must use that power immediately."

Biden may have approved the Willow project yesterday, but it’s far from being built and we’re only growing more powerful, creative, and energized as a movement fighting to stop Willow and all fossil fuel projects. This fight isn’t over, and we will continue fighting to make sure this project never breaks ground. Thank you for being with us.

In solidarity,

-Sonia Ahkivgak, Sovereign Inupiat for a Living Arctic and People vs. Fossil Fuels