In the quest for a sustainable future, one cannot overlook the intricate connection between corporate power and the looming environmental catastrophe.

As we witness the alarming impacts of climate change and the degradation of our ecosystems, it becomes imperative to unveil the tangled web that binds these two critical issues. Recently, Move to Amend's national co-director attended the Citizens Climate Lobby Conference and Lobby Day in Washington, D.C., where a network of dedicated civic lobbyists and activists convened.

In this blog post, we delve into the key takeaways from this event and shed light on the intersectionality between corporate power and environmental catastrophe.

The Intersectionality of Corporate Power and the Environmental Catastrophe

Corporate influence and its detrimental effects on our environment are not isolated issues but rather deeply intertwined. The unchecked power of corporations often prioritizes short-term profits over long-term sustainability. By exploring the connection between corporate power and the environmental crisis, we can better understand the root causes and find holistic solutions. From deforestation to pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, corporate activities have a profound impact on our planet's delicate ecosystems.

Connecting the Dots: 

Move to Amend's Solidarity with the Citizens Climate Lobby Conference

At the recent Citizens Climate Lobby Conference and Lobby Day, Move to Amend's national co-director, Alfonso Saldaña, joined in solidarity with civic lobbyists and activists while trying to foster connections and strengthen the network of individuals dedicated to challenging corporate power and advocating for sustainable practices.

Move to Amend's national co-director also seized this opportunity to visit the congressional offices of previous cosponsors of HJR54, the We the People Amendment. By engaging with lawmakers and their staff, the objective was to emphasize the necessity of their continued support in the new congress. With the amendment gaining seven cosponsorships thus far, this visit sought to reinforce the vital link between combating corporate rule and mitigating the environmental catastrophe we face.

Recap from the Citizens Climate Lobby Conference and Lobby Day:

The Citizens Climate Lobby Conference and Lobby Day provided a platform for fruitful discussions and collaboration among diverse groups passionate about environmental advocacy. Move to Amend's national co-director exchanged ideas and insights, solidifying connections with dedicated civic lobbyists who recognize the critical intersectionality between corporate power and environmental sustainability. By collectively working towards systemic change, these individuals aim to dismantle the corporate stronghold on our planet's future.

As the urgency to address environmental challenges intensifies, it becomes increasingly clear that corporate power and environmental catastrophe are inherently intertwined.

Move to Amend's participation in the Citizens Climate Lobby Conference and Lobby Day underscores the importance of uniting diverse advocacy groups and connecting the dots between corporate rule and sustainability. By continuing to engage with lawmakers and raising awareness about the We the People Amendment, Move to Amend strives to challenge corporate influence and pave the way for a more environmentally just future. Together, we can dismantle the barriers to change and create a world where corporate power no longer impedes our collective progress.

Alfonso Saldana


We can't have nice things until we abolish corporate constitutional rights and get big dark money out of politics! Co Director at He/Him