As Earth Day approaches, it a great occasion to reflect and center our work on the ways that corporate rule has put our planet and lives at risk.

From gas pipeline spills to the plastic epidemic... to rising global temperatures leading to more intense and dangerous weather patterns: corporate greed has been at the forefront of many decisions that ultimately harm our world. 

Here are a few actions we can take to mark Earth Day: 

Create Communities of Resilience : Join our Ecology-Network

Learning from others, getting resources to your communities, and sharing best practices is an important part of climate resilience. Check out our monthly Eco-Net call to connect with others who are passionate about this topic.

Participate in one or more environmentally-friendly activities in your community   

From community trash pickup to other service projects. Check out your local community or environmental group for activities. 

Click here for Earh Day event petitioning and tabling QR Code. (Eco-friendly)


End Corporate Rule - Lobby your Representative to pass the We The People Amendment

Urge your representative to sign on to the We The People Amendment. As long as corporations wield constitutional rights and the big money in elections remains legal "free speech, our fight for ecological democracy will be close to impossible. They go hand in hand. This is the main amendment that Move to Amend works on because we know the importance of this connection.

Solidarity Organizing - Take our Movement Education Program

As a global crisis that will affect exploited communities more quickly and harshly, we must see the ways in which we in the USA can act in solidarity with those who are on the front lines of the crisis. Learn in this self-paced workshop what it means to build a movement.  
Take stock/reflect on ways you can change your own lifestyle to “live simply so that others can simply live” and the planet can simply survive. How can you reduce your material needs (which in many cases we become servants by having to clean, upkeep, repair, etc.) and by doing so have more time to spend life living.
Jennie C Spanos


Corporate rule sux!