When April 04, 2024 at 5:00pm 1 hr 30 mins

End corporate rule to end wars and occupations

Thursday, April 4 | 5pm PT, 8pm ET


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Endless US wars and occupations are driven by the political and economic power of US corporations. Hundreds of US military bases around the world provide those corporations “security” to access foreign markets, cheap labor and raw materials. Resisting one war, occupation, weapon system or sweatshop article of clothing at a time will never result in peace, justice and a livable world. 


We must fight individual corporate evils AND end corporate rule in all its forms. 

The good news is, we can do both!  Join us April 4, to see how. 




Daniel Lee



Mike Ferner



Sponsored by Veterans For Peace and Move to Amend. 


Register HERE for the virtual program


Veterans For Peace is sponsoring a Peace Walk from Maine to Washington, DC, which will address these connections. Move to Amend is co-sponsoring this historic walk. Go here to get involved!

Will you come?