In the realm of social justice, few individuals embody the intersection of environmental and political causes as effectively as Greg Coleridge, Co-Director of Move to Amend and a distinguished member of the Ohio Move to Amend state network. With over 30 years of dedicated service, Greg has left an indelible mark on the fields of peace, justice, environmental activism, and democracy.

Greg's tenure with the Midwest Region of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) in Ohio reflects his unwavering commitment to addressing critical issues. His efforts extended to educating and mobilizing communities against nuclear weapons and warfare, shedding light on the concealment of military-related radiation at a toxic Superfund landfill in Northeast Ohio. This work exemplifies his tireless pursuit of justice, holding both government and corporations accountable for their actions.

In a more recent chapter of his advocacy, Greg Coleridge has played a pivotal role in confronting corporate malfeasance and political corruption in Ohio. Particularly, he has collaborated with Move to Amend supporters and allied groups to hold FirstEnergy Corporation accountable for its confessed $61 million in bribes to Ohio politicians. These bribes were aimed at passing legislation to bail out outdated nuclear power plants and undermine renewable energy programs, prompting Greg to call for the dissolution of FirstEnergy's charter/license.

One of Greg's current endeavors is Democracy Day 2024 in Toledo, Ohio. Greg Coleridge's involvement adds a layer of expertise and passion to the proceedings. As a Move to Amend co-director and a key member of the Ohio Move to Amend state network, his contributions have consistently driven the movement forward. Greg's dedication to fair legislative redistricting and his advocacy for a cleaner Lake Erie are emblematic of his broader vision for a just and equitable society.

Democracy Day 2024, hosted by Toledo city council under the guidance of a citizen's ballot initiative, is a testament to the dedication to fostering meaningful conversations on these vital topics. The event, which will take place in person and can be viewed online, is a collaborative effort presented by Move to Amend Toledo OH and Our Revolution Northwest Ohio.

For those eager to participate, RSVP on the Move to Amend event webpage to receive timely reminders, and visit to be part of this transformative dialogue. Toledo Democracy Day 2024 is not just an event; it is a call to action, an opportunity to shape the narrative of democracy, and Greg Coleridge stands ready to help lead the charge toward positive change.

Alfonso Omar Saldana


We can't have nice things until we abolish corporate constitutional rights and get big dark money out of politics! Co Director at He/Him