๐ŸŒฟ Championing Change for a Sustainable Future

In the realm of environmental activism, the unyielding commitment and fervent drive of dedicated individuals can create ripples of change that extend far beyond local landscapes.

In this month's Environmental Warriors Spotlight, we proudly feature Geneva M. Omann, a passionate advocate and the secretary of theย We Advocate Thorough Environmental Reviewย (W.A.T.E.R.) โ€“ a grassroots force dedicated to safeguarding Mount Shasta's precious water and natural resources from the clutches of corporate exploitation.

Much like Move to Amend's Ecology Network, W.A.T.E.R. stands as a non-profit beacon of hope, ceaselessly striving to place the climate crisis at the forefront of its mission. United by a shared urgency to address the existential threat posed by this crisis, both organizations channel their energies into advocating for the restoration and preservation of our delicate biosphere.

Geneva M. Omann's was instrumental in securing her group's endorsement of Move to Amend, including the adoption of passing the We the People Amendment in its strategic goals, exemplifying the remarkable bridges that can be built between organizations driven by similar ideals. Beyond this alliance, W.A.T.E.R. astutely penned the thought-provoking piece titled "Why Environmental Groups Must Oppose War." This seminal work critically examines the intersection between militarism and environmental degradation, revealing the often-obscured underpinnings of conflicts driven by resource exploitation.

Moreover, Geneva's leadership radiates through her group's recent endorsement of Move To Amendโ€”an alliance symbolizing the convergence of visionary environmentalism and systemic change.

Geneva's relentless efforts have borne fruit as she successfully rallied her group to endorse Move to Amend's Amendment proposal. Her leadership showcases the importance of forging alliances among like-minded organizations to amplify their collective impact.

As we highlight Geneva M. Omann's remarkable contributions, we are reminded that the protection of our environment is inseparable from the pursuit of peace. Just as the ripples she creates extend across the landscapes she defends, so too does her message resonate as a clarion call for collaboration and unity.

Let us be inspired by her work and join the chorus of voices advocating for meaningful change.ย 

If your organization, business, union, faith community, or local governmental organization would like to sign on as a supporter of the We the People Amendment effort,ย click here toย add your endorsement!

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Alfonso Saldana


We can't have nice things until we abolish corporate constitutional rights and get big dark money out of politics! Co Director at MoveToAmend.org He/Him