Fernanda Lugo ( [email protected] ) is the Outreach and Media associate for Alliance For Just Money.
As a volunteer with Citizens’ Climate Lobby, she realized how the economic system can be utilized to incentivize or disincentivize certain behaviors, such as polluting. With a Master’s in biobehavioral health from Penn State, and experience in local organizing, she investigates sustainable nature-based solutions and building social capital. 

She believes that one of the missing links is simply the power to organize people with resources, exchanges that can be facilitated outside of the current monetary system, thus empowering people to question the thing we call money. The power of money can help meet the goals of a just society, with planetary wellbeing and optimized human health. By creating systems that ‘internalize’ the externalities left out by the current capitalist model, people can retake control of shared resources, clean water, clean atmosphere, and our shared humanity.

She is currently working in collaboration on a Singing Tree for a Just and Democratic Economy Project
Alliance For Just Money and Unity Through Creativity are teaming up to create a Singing Tree of a Just and Democratic Economy. This collaborative mural methodology, inspired by trees, is part of an international invitation for the whole world to create together. The process involves artistic creation accompanied by non-violent leadership training process that envisions success in community challenges, often around a central topic. The collaborative visual will be unveiled and presented at Mayday for Money, a march and demonstration in Chicago, on May 18, 2024!



Fernanda enjoys eco-crafts, yoga, as well as foraging for edible/medicinal plants. She wants to work in land restoration and soil remediation and hopes these fields that sustain our ecological health can have access to livable wages, healthcare, and people with disabilities can have dignified work. 


Enslaved to Big Ag: Monsanto's Abuse of Farmers


WATCH: Ecology Network call - January 11, 2024 - Special Guest Speaker: Fernanda Lugo


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