In a passionate bid for climate action and social justice, the Pennsylvania Climate Convergence held its much-anticipated event in Harrisburg on October 1st and 2nd. The convergence set the stage for critical discussions, featuring renowned environmentalist Bill McKibben, a prominent public figure and one of Move to Amend's initial signatories. Moderated by Ariana Genna, the event delved into the pressing need for systemic change to address our planet's ecological crises.

The convergence served as a pivotal platform where voices from various corners of activism and environmental advocacy united to address the urgent climate challenges. It provided an opportunity to dissect the intricate intersections of social, economic, and environmental issues while advocating for a more sustainable future.

Importance of the Pennsylvania Climate Convergence

The convergence was more than a gathering; it was a call to action. It brought together a diverse coalition of activists, scientists, policymakers, and concerned citizens to engage in thought-provoking discussions on climate change, environmental justice, and the imperative need for systemic reform. These dialogues not only highlighted the urgency of climate action but also emphasized the profound interconnections between environmental issues and broader social justice concerns.

Intersectionality with Move to Amend's Eco Net

Move to Amend's Ecology Network plays a crucial role in advocating for environmental justice and challenging corporate power that contributes to environmental degradation. The Eco Net's principles align seamlessly with the Pennsylvania Climate Convergence, emphasizing the need to address the root causes of ecological problems and the necessity for systemic change.

The convergence echoed Move to Amend's values by recognizing the multifaceted nature of environmental issues. It underscored the significance of collective action, emphasizing the need for policy changes that dismantle corporate influence on environmental policies, all of which resonate deeply with the mission of Move to Amend's Eco Net.

Alfonso Omar Saldana


We can't have nice things until we abolish corporate constitutional rights and get big dark money out of politics! Co Director at He/Him